Your ultimate destination for drone services in Bali. We specialize in aerial photography in Bali, offering you high-quality images and videos captured by our expert drone pilots in Bali.

Life from Above - Your Memories - Our Aerial Vision

We specialize in aerial photography in Bali, offering you high-quality images and videos captured by our expert drone pilots in Bali.

  • Outdoor Adventures:
    Immortalize your hiking and water sports experiences with our drone services in Bali.                                     
  • Event Coverage:
    Capture the essence of weddings and outdoor parties with unique aerial perspectives.
  • Travel and Tourism:
    Highlight Bali’s scenic vistas, landmarks, and tourist destinations like never before.
  • Sports and Fitness:
    Get dynamic shots of team sports and fitness routines with the help of our drone pilot in Bali.
  • Fashion and Glamour:
    Create jaw-dropping outdoor fashion shoots from unique aerial angles.
  • Cultural Events:
    Document festivals, parades, and public events with our specialized drone services in Bali.

Our drone services in Bali cover a wide range of lifestyle categories to meet your specific needs

Bali Drone Lifestyle Arial Photography

In the rapidly evolving world of aerial imaging, lifestyle capture services hold a distinct, invaluable niche, especially in picturesque locales like Bali. As a premier provider of drone services in Bali, we at Bali Drone Pro believe that drones are not merely technical marvels; they are powerful storytelling tools that can elevate lifestyle photography and videography to unprecedented heights.

Drones offer limitless possibilities for capturing life’s significant and everyday moments from truly unique perspectives. They allow for shots and angles that were once the preserve of high-budget productions—be it the grandeur of a wedding venue, the architectural elegance of a real estate property, or the raw energy of an outdoor adventure. Our highly skilled drone pilots in Bali take these opportunities a step further by utilizing their expertise to capture compelling narratives in each frame.

Our Lifestyle Capture Services particularly shine in areas like real estate showcases, offering sweeping, cinematic aerial views that can dramatically boost property value perception. Adventure sports and outdoor activities can also be captured in heart-stopping clarity, offering audiences an immersive experience that static photography simply can’t achieve.

The versatility of drone technology also makes it possible to document a wide array of lifestyle sectors including fashion, tourism, cultural events, and more. For instance, aerial photography in Bali can capture the essence of a fashion shoot by incorporating the stunning natural landscapes as backdrops. Similarly, our drones can fly over cultural festivals, capturing the color, energy, and coordinated movement of these large-scale events, providing invaluable promotional material for organizers and participants alike.

Through our lifestyle capture services, we aim to create visual masterpieces that not only resonate with our clients but also their target audiences. With Bali’s naturally stunning topography as our canvas and the latest drone technology as our brush, we bring your vision to life.

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Bali Drone Minimum Standard Drone and Pilot Package

$110 (USD)

Duration: Minimum 30 to 60 minutes of all-inclusive service

Inclusions: Pilot Setup, Planning, and Safety Briefing:
Comprehensive pre-flight preparations and safety overview conducted by our professional pilot.

DJI Drone Operation:
State-of-the-art DJI drone piloted to capture a multitude of aerial angles. 10 Photo Angles and Video: Capture your subject from 10 distinct photo angles, along with video footage. Resolution Options: 4K Ultra or 1080HD Raw Footage and Storage: All raw footage is yours to keep and will be supplied on a UHD Micro SD Card for you to retain. Post-Flight: Up to 30 minutes onsite to upload all captured content to the UHD Micro SD Card for your immediate use. Additional Costs: Extra transportation costs may apply depending on your location. Please specify the area where the drone service is needed for evaluation of cost for travel.

Bali Drone Drone and Pilot Packages

Freeze Frame: Your Special Moments

Bali Drone Pro Leisure Drone

Showcasing holiday or moment in a Whole New Light

Welcome to Bali Drone Pro, the epitome of fun blended seamlessly with professional expertise in aerial imaging. Say farewell to ordinary photography, and usher in an era where every click is a piece of cinematic art. Our industry-leading drones, expertly piloted, cover a spectrum of memorable experiences that go far beyond the ordinary. Whether you are reveling in holiday festivities, caught in the excitement of sporting events, swept away by the natural beauty of waterfalls, or capturing the magic of unique moments like marriage proposals and flower pool celebrations, we ensure that each frame is nothing short of extraordinary. We take pride in delivering panoramic perspectives and intricate angles, adding a larger-than-life feel to your captured memories. We recognize that every occasion has a unique heartbeat, and our goal is to let that rhythm shine brilliantly in every shot we take. So come along and celebrate life’s special moments with us, all caught in a spellbinding blend of fun and professional elegance that only Bali Drone Pro can deliver.





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$ 110 usa


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An excellent brand takes its customers on a journey. They constantly evolve, expressing the organization’s character and reinforcing unique values that resonate with all. Throughout a brand’s journey, there is always the potential to surprise and excite, to push creative boundaries, and to inspire new confidence. Bali Drone Pro is a brand maker, a journey-taker. Contact us today!

We can produce high-quality digital marketing services in Bali and the surrounding areas. Bali Drone Pro is a trusted name in the industry and our  4k Video productions are delivered in a professional and consultative manner, so your business will benefit from our experience and expertise. 

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