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Welcome to Surfing Drone Videography, your go-to source for capturing the thrill of surfing from above. We specialize in providing high-quality, engaging drone videography services that showcase the beauty and excitement of surfing. 

At Bali Drone Pro, we’re all about capturing the stoke and thrill of surfing with our epic high-tech drones. Our surfing drone videography service is gnarly for those who wanna capture their shredding’ sessions in insane detail. Our certified team of experts uses state-of-the-art equipment to capture every rad moment, from the sick ride to the jaw-dropping scenery.

Surfeye drone is more than just a tool for creating stunning surfing productions. It’s also a valuable asset for businesses in the surfing industry, providing them with high-quality drone footage of surfers. This footage can be used to promote surfing schools and resorts, showcase surfboard and surfwear products, and create compelling content for surf magazines and websites.

Overall, Surfeye drone is driving innovation and growth in the surfing industry by helping businesses to promote their products and services and inspiring a new generation of surfers to capture their skills from above.

But wait, our surfing drone videography service isn’t just about capturing your epic sessions – it’s about helping you improve your skills too. We collaborate with Byrne Surf School Bali,  Chris Byrne, is a former surfing professional who ranked in the top 10 in the world for 4 consecutive years on the IPS & ASP professional tours.

He is an accredited professional coach with a level 2 ISA International Surfing Association and ISA Aquatic Rescue & Safety certificate, Chris has an extensive background in coaching and has developed a unique and elite coaching program for advanced surfers. He was also appointed as the Head Coaching Director for the Australian Government Institute of Surfing, where he mentored young surfers who were preparing for world competitions.

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Surfing Life Australia and Surfeye drone

Surfing Life Australia and Surfeye drone joined forces to capture the incredible surfing scenes of Bali. Thanks to the advanced capabilities of Surfeye drone, the team was able to capture stunning footage of professional surfers riding the waves in Bali, showcasing the region’s world-class surfing in all its glory.



Our Surfing drone PRODUCTION Approach

We are a Surfing Drone Video Production Service in Bali. We Specialize in Aerial Drone Videography and Photography that will capture the best Surfing visuals for you. At Bali Drone Pro, we are proud of the role we play in the drone surf film industry.

With our experienced video experts and drone pilots, we can plan and capture the best shots from the best angles using a range of drones that will best suit the conditions and requirements of any surfing session.

We believe that providing value to our clients is key to creating a successful drone videography business. That’s why we use the latest drone technology and techniques to provide high-quality, engaging content that captures the excitement and beauty of surfing.

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Our Surfing drone PRODUCTION Approach



mID Wave Hunter

$ 150 usd

Raw Footage ON SD CARD

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Basic Surf Drone

$ 110 usd



SURFING drone video capturing you


Surfing is one of the most exciting sports to shoot using a drone. Why? Because it has a lot of movement, it never repeats itself, every wave is unique, and you never know what to expect from a surfer. From a videographer’s point-of-view, surfing videography drones changed the way we shoot surfing. So, it’s essential to adapt to the new times and embrace a technology that will offer you stunning footage from above.

In order to film aerial surfing, you need to have a good quality drone equipped with a good camera, a robust lens, and a long-lasting set of batteries. Our personal unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) allow the use of polarizer filters that will definitely improve the quality of the footage. Some businesses use tablets or smartphones as remote controls, but they don’t work out as well as proper remote controls and, in some cases, you will struggle to see what you’re filming.

GPS also helps keep the drone stable and gives us valuable information about the altitude we are flying above you. There are also advanced surf drones featuring follow-me drone settings that chase the surfer while he is in the water and allow the pilot to automatically track the surfer while he rides the wave.

SURFING drone videography BALI

Take advantage of our aerial drone videography for your surfing in Bali & java

All Bali Drone Pro  Surfing Drones film in 4K at 30-60 frames per second. That’s basically the standard nowadays, and anything below that video quality will ultimately let you down. Our drones are highly maneuverable for surfing videography and can travel at high speeds for quite a while.

We use a bright built-in screen for more accurate angles and a better understanding of what we’re shooting. We create storytelling  video adventures of you and your friends surfing in Bali and Java. Contact us today. Lets us capture your with our Surf drone Videography in Bali. 

SurfEye drones

In addition to the thermal sensor and RGB image sensor, our Surfing drones can produce images with a resolution of 4K.

Control System

The Surf Drones that we use for surfing videos are high-end, equipped with high-resolution sensors to ensure superior data quality.

UHD 4k video

Our highly specialized editing team performs post-processing Surf Drone videos, We can shoot 4k / 2160p 50 fps.

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We can shoot 4k/2160p 50 fps quality video, slow motion video, video in full UHD and capture 20 megapixel photos of you surfing in Bali.

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